Dear Partner,


First of all, our primary thoughts go to you and your family, hoping that all of you are safe and sound.


Please, be aware that our top priority is and remains the health of our staff and all our different partners.

So in order to maintain our services operational and smooth, we built up a home office organization for most of our teams, keeping in our concrete offices the bare minimum of people.


At this stage, TLS can provide you with all our usual services applied to the current situation and its official restrictions.


From their « home desks » our teams have a full access to all the digital tools we set up and are already able to reply to all of your requests and questions.


Beside of this, we keep an eye on the development of the situation on daily basis, and we will update you with any new process that needs to be followed.


Please, take good care of yourselves and your beloved ones in those difficult times.

The Low Sulphur new regulation of International Maritime Organisation (IMO) will be effective on 1st January 2020. Under this regulation, sea companies will be obliged to reduce their sulfur emissions by 85% to achieve a 0.5% content of sulfur in the air.

This new regulation aims at reducing the industry environmental impact and improving air quality significantly. The set of measures will generate a surcharge through the application or adjustment of fuel surcharges, market per market. In this context, we expect a tariff increase when the new regulation is implemented. We will keep you updated on any new information on that subject.

Our team remains available to support you with your transport needs.


Fin 2016, Team Logistic Services a été sélectionnée par le journal Les Echos et l’institut Statista pour participer au concours « Les Champions de la Croissance ». Il s’agit d’une enquête multisectorielle déterminant les 500 entreprises ayant eu la plus forte évolution de chiffre d’affaires sur la période 2012-2015.

Nous sommes heureux et fiers de vous annoncer que TLS se positionne à la 236ème place du classement général, dans lequel figurent seulement 24 entreprises de Transport et Logistique. Au sein de cette catégorie, TLS se positionne en haut de classement à la 6ème place.

Le classement a été publié dans Les Echos week-end du 3 février, vous trouverez sur le lien ci-dessous l’article en ligne et le classement :

Article :

Classement :